We 570


  • DEMA Road Race Carbon Monocoque, Di2
  • DEMA Road Carbon fork, tapered steerer
  • FSA K-Force We
  • FSA K-Force We
  • FSA K-Force We
  • FSA K-Force
  • FSA K-Force carbon 386
  • FSA BB386EVO
  • FSA K-Force
  • FSA K-Force Light 11Speed
  • FSA Orbit C-40/48-ACB
  • Vision Metron 5D Integrated
  • Vision Metron 5D Integrated
  • FSA Ultragel
  • Carbon Monocoque 27,2x350mm, Zero offset
  • Selle Italia
  • Vision Team 30 Clincher TL Disc
  • Vision Metron 55 Clincher TL
  • MAXXIS Padrone 700x25 carbon TR 170 TPI SilkShield
  • 22
  • 6.95
  • € 5 999,99

Geometria, výber veľkosti


Táto veľkosť rámu je vhodná pre výšku jazdca od 183 cm do 190 cm.


This technology provides perfectly smooth inner tube surfaces void of redundant connecting materials, thus optimizing required tube properties and decreasing the weight of individual tubes as well as the entire frame.

Benefits of inner cable routing are not only more elegant design, but also protection of cabling from dirt, what leads to more reliable functionality, especially in muddy conditions.

Carbon frame endings not only ensure a better connection between chain stays and saddle stays but also weigh less in comparison to duralumin endings used mainly in cheap carbon frames.

The advantage of a tapered headtube is that it allows for greater bearing surface and stiffness of a 1.5“ steerer and lower bearing surface while reducing weight and allowing the use of conventional 1 1/8“ threadless stems.

An aluminum alloy containing Mg2S silicides as its main additive is referred to as Alloy 6061. Class 6000 alloys are highly workable, weldable, and machinable.

Všetky rúrky našich rámov sú na zákazku prispôsobené na základe pevnostných analýz a potrieb dizajnu celého bicykla.

Tepelná úprava rámov zahriatím na teplotu 130 °C po dobu niekoľkých hodín je proces obnovenia mechanických vlastností, ktoré boli stratené počas zvárania.

Increased efficiency in the transfer of energy to the rear wheel is referred to as HP-C. This technology has been incorporated into the elaborate rear construction of all DEMA carbon frames.

This technology offers the possibility to use heat processed 3D frame endings with interesting shapes. Their advantage, compared to milled endings, is the increased strength of the material.

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